Obsidian Blockchain

The ODN Blockchain is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain running since mid-2017.
The flagship mobile application an anonymous and encrypted messenger making use of the Obsidian blockchain, released on Google Play in 2018.

We are now working towards partnerships with organisations such as BAT and the UK co-operative ODIN Society, where the majority of our community moved in mid 2018.

Community Team

As we work towards partnerships with similarly-aligned organisations such as BAT, our groups of developers, advisors, agencies, community members and contractors continue to help across many areas.

Obsidian’s assets and IP were donated to ODIN Society, on behalf of the ODN community. ODIN is a non-profit organisation which has been verified and registered by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. The growing team at ODIN Society manage all related technologies.


Select your ODN wallet

Choose a wallet that will work with your Operating System. Ensure you only download wallets from here.
Download the Privacy Browser BRAVE here.

Proof of Stake

Staking is a process which ODN holders can easily implement in an official Obsidian wallet, and is a method used by proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains to secure the network.

In very simple terms, staking can be thought of in a similar way to mining, in that staking periodically generates coins as a reward to the wallet, (also known as a node), that is staking.

Low power and cost

You do not need a supercomputer or specialist graphics card to stake Obsidian coins. In fact, you can stake ODN on a low-cost Raspberry Pi. A very small amount of energy is required to facilitate staking Obsidian coins. We recommend using the free privacy browser, BRAVE if you are interested in protecting your personal data.

  Apple MacOS Obsidian Wallet

Download ODN Wallet

Download the official Obsidian (ODN) Wallet installer for the Apple MacOS Operating System.

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  Microsoft Windows Obsidian Wallet

Download ODN Wallet

Download the official Obsidian (ODN) Wallet installer for the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

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