PoS blockchain with an anonymous, encrypted, mobile messenger app.

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Please note that the current OSM is an alpha release. We are collating user feedback for priority implementation on the next release.

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ODN can be bought on digital currency exchanges. You can stake your ODN in an Obsidian wallet and earn additional ODN as a reward for securing the ODN network. The ODN Wallet built into OSM App is used to generate you anonymous Obsidian Identity.

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Select your ODN wallet

Choose a wallet that will work with your Operating System. Ensure you only download wallets from here.
All download links on this page refer directly to our official Github repository.

About Obsidian

Obsidian is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain running since mid-2017.
Our flagship mobile application is the Obsidian Secure Messenger, an anonymous, encrypted communications application which makes use of the Obsidian blockchain.

Improvements across all things Obsidian are being worked on, and feedback is highly encouraged. We seek further collaboration from developers, organizations and blockchains.

Team Obsidian

OSM is developed and maintained by a globally active development team.
Many individuals, groups of developers, advisors, agencies, community members and contractors have helped us across all areas of Obsidian.

The current active Obsidian team maintains the Obsidian blockchain, wallets, and other related technologies. If you would like to join us, get in touch on our community channels.

Proof of Stake

Staking is a process which ODN holders can easily implement in an official Obsidian wallet, and is a method used by proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains to secure the network.

In very simple terms, staking can be thought of in a similar way to mining, in that staking periodically generates coins as a reward to the wallet, (also known as a node), that is staking.

Low power and cost

You do not need a supercomputer or specialist graphics card to stake Obsidian coins. In fact, you can stake ODN on a low-cost Raspberry Pi. A very small amount of energy is required to facilitate staking Obsidian coins.

ODN rewards

The more ODN you hold in your wallet, the more staking rewards you will earn. It does not matter how powerful your machine is.

  Linux Ubuntu Obsidian Wallet

Download ODN Wallet

Download the official Obsidian (ODN) Wallet installer for the Linux Ubuntu Operating System.

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  Apple MacOS Obsidian Wallet

Download ODN Wallet

Download the official Obsidian (ODN) Wallet installer for the Apple MacOS Operating System.

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  Microsoft Windows Obsidian Wallet

Download ODN Wallet

Download the official Obsidian (ODN) Wallet installer for the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

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GET ODN coins

There are a few options if you want to get some Obsidian (ODN) coins, and more coming soon. First of all, register on an official, well-known exchange such as Altilly, and on there you can trade fractional amounts of Bitcoin (BTC) for Obsidian (ODN) coins.

You can also earn ODN by completing community bounties. Join our community channels to find out more. If you already have ODN coins, stake them in official Obsidian wallets to earn more ODN over time.

Altilly Exchange

Altilly is a trusted digital currency exchange specializing in new, innovative digital currencies.

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Altilly’s extensive cryptocurrency support makes it ideal for trading coins before they are discovered by larger exchanges, often accompanied by higher fees.


Digital currency exchange based in Hong Kong. HitBTC employs many experienced traders, fin-tech professionals, and high-quality software developers.

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HitBTC has enhanced security measures, zero limits on withdrawals or deposits of cryptocurrencies, low trading fees, and a variety of charts and graphs for trading information.

Earn ODN coins

Join our Official Telegram community group to find out more. If you already have ODN coins, stake them in an official Obsidian wallet to earn even more ODN over time, similar to a traditional bank interest rate for a savings accounts.

How to stake