Crypto Currency & Secure Anonymous Messaging

What is Obsidian?

The Obsidian Platform is a C# blockchain based on Stratis, with both Masternodes and Service Nodes. We have developed the Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM) application, currently in public alpha testing.

Truly private and secure messaging

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End to end bcrypt sha512 encryption algorithms ensure that messages and files you send can only be accessed by your intended private contacts.

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Our end to end encryption ensures that your messages, files, pictures, videos and more, are never seen by anyone you didn't intend to. With timed auto deletion of messenger transfers, rest assured your past interaction will never be accessible to anyone.

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Integration in the new Obsidian blockchain automatically means that the entire system is completely decentralised. This is something that Threema and Signal do not have.

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Stratis Core

Obsidian leverages a custom version of the Stratis technology stack, in tandem with a customized version of NBitcoin which is made useable under .Net Core technologies.

Obsidian (ODN) 100% PoS NetGen

Obsidian Coin (ODN) is deeply rooted into the messenger service, as well as future Obsidian apps. As a power source, it's function is derived from usage on the Obsidian platform as a whole. Not only will stakers be able to mint ODN through our 100% PoS system but they will also be able to setup Masternodes to host the network.

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Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM)

OSM is a light client for the Obsidian network which offers end-to-end-message encryption with perfect forward secrecy (PFS) relying on EDH.

Obsidian IDs are protected with Curve25519 signing keys. A secondary parallel network is utilized in order to create faster-than-blockchain interactions.

Timed deletion ensures text messages and binary files are completely untraceable.

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fluffypony advisor

Riccardo "fluffypony" Spagni

Monero Core Developer, Technical Advisor

project manager

Dan Wasyluk

Team Manager of Syscoin, Project Advisor

Obsidian Team

peter ceo

Peter McClory | @superquaid

CEO, Business Relations Manager

raides lead developer

Raides J. Rodríguez | @onedeveloper

Lead Developer

Blackstone senior developer

blackstone | @blackstone

Senior Developer

alan engineer

Alan Sheston | @alan

Software Engineer

jason marketing

Jordan Schneider | @sagemark

Marketing & Business Development

karl engineer

Karl Markov | @karl

Software Engineer

shad project manager

Lester Shad | @shad

Project Manager, Developer