Obsidian is a new cryptocurrency for popular use. It uses the more energy efficient SHA-512 hash algorithm to optimize for use on mobile devices and improved quantum computing resilience. It uses the proof-of-stake consensus strategy and pays a block reward of 20 ODN, which is equivalent to an interest rate of about 10%.

In addition to that, Obsidian is the currency that powers to future Obsidian Secure Anonymous Messenger economy. The Obsidian Secure Anonymous Messenger allows for sending end-to-end encrypted messages, media, and files and is optimized for anonymity of communication and metadata protection/avoidance and does not require any user accounts, phone number or personal email address which could identify its users. The message transport will be accomplished by a decentralized network of special messaging masternodes that can be run by anyone by simply installing the respective software. Running messaging masternodes will be rewarded in Obsidian currency, so that messenger users and messenger masternode hosters form an economy which is independent from any company or country and maintained only by the open source community.

We have a very active Obsidian Discord community group which welcomes both developers and anyone interested in science and innovation to learn and share knowledge with others.

Circulating Supply: 25,000,000
Block Reward: 20 (+ fees)
Minimum Fee: 0.0001 ODN
Algorithm: SHA512
Proof Type: Proof of Stake
Minable: No
Staking Return: Currently 10-20% for all holders (as of December 2017)
Block Time: 60 seconds
Block Size: 1MB
Blockchain Specification: Bitcoin
Start Date: 24th August 2017
Development Languages: C++/C#
Initial Supply: 98,000,004
Max Supply: 91,200,000 + block rewards

Obsidian Discord community group
Block Explorer: https://xxl.obsidianplatform.com/
Official Obsidian Twitter
Obsidian Official GitHub Repository: https://github.com/obsidianproject
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2004871.0
Official Obsidian Facebook Page

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