Obsidian Engage TAMICO as working partners

Our CEO recently engaged the advisory firm TAMICO and they are working with us to analyse and audit existing code, marketing, PR, and business services to help us achieve the next phase of Obsidian.

TAMICO have collectively acquired decades of experience, and have a strong reputation built on trust and delivery. We engaged TAMICO to assist us with the enhancement of our community management, technology, and structure of Obsidian. They provide us with a structured methodology that spans across three interlinked disciplines, in particular: technology; advisory; and marketing.

TAMICO was founded by Haydn Jones, Michael Wharton and Michael Wilson, specifically for the provision of dedicated technical, advisory and marketing support. The team also works with other clients.

Obsidian PMO

Since the TAMICO engagement started, we now have a growing team dedicated to supporting the Obsidian Project Management Office. They are based in the heart of London’s technology district.

Everything we as the management team do for Obsidian, in collaboration with TAMICO, is built around community engagement. We have launched a weekly steering committee meeting as a forum for the sharing of ideas and knowledge in a structured way. This focused approach has enabled Obsidian to move into this new phase.

Behind the scenes, TAMICO has been working through its in-house audit methodology. They use clearly defined reporting milestones to measure results.

TAMICO have been engaged since late September 2017, and support Obsidian and the various operations and strategic marketing plans. The aim here is for TAMICO to deliver significant results over the coming months. Watch this space for further updates, as we plan to publish a roadmap of planned development and progress very soon.

Background on the TAMICO team

TAMICO was established by Haydn Jones, Michael Wharton and Michael Wilson. Specifically for the provision of dedicated technical, advisory and marketing support for software firms. Collectively they have advised eleven other projects.

Haydn Jones is an early investor. He runs courses on a range of technologies. He is an engineer and lawyer. In previous roles, he has undertaken research into satellite communications. Alongside software assignments, he works with companies to develop business strategies.

Mike Wilson is a successful Technology Advisor and Marketeer. He has supported numerous start-ups with their strategies to raise capital.

Michael Wharton is an entrepreneur and lawyer. Founder of Who Needs Law, which helps start-ups grow into scalable businesses. Michael’s client list includes many successful startups.

It goes without saying that we are delighted to have TAMICO onboard. We are very excited for them to be working directly with our core team throughout the next phases of Obsidian.

In summary

Tamico have come on board with a range of marketing professionals to assist Obsidian’s core team due to all original founding members, except from the appointed CEO, stepping back from the project early on. Our CEO requires additional development support and a necessary on-boarding phase for new team members across the project.

Between legalities, financial auditing, information sharing, planning and other such activities necessary to acclimate the new advisory team. We have a series of development audits planned in London alongside a team meetup this coming Monday. Thanks you to our amazing community for helping to provide support new users.

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