Obsidian Roadmap and Marketing Update

It’s all coming together

Obsidian Update

  • Android application for encrypted messaging.

Encrypted, anonymous mobile messaging.

Technology Roadmap

Repository set up so that the Dev team can work seamlessly together on the code of the Windows 10 and Android version

Determine the necessary hardware and software for a test lab

  • Engineer the release process for the Windows 10 and Android weekly binary releases for the public — for message and file transfer capabilities
  • Merge code, refactoring
  • Complete requirements for the first release.
  • Messenger

Work on the implementation of Android version

Setup the server for the first production version

  • In case of time overruns, check how/if minimum viable feature set can be reduced
  • Result should be a usable beta version of a very basic version

Screen mock-ups, developing data model and domain model

90 Days

  • Messenger

Testing and fixing of OSAM

Testing and fixing of the server(s)

  • Payment Gateway

Development roadmap and production schedule for Beta

Marketing & Community Engagement


  • Weekly Community Sessions

Hold formal weekly update sessions via WebEx with the ODN Management and Community Team every Thursday

  • Monthly ‘Townhalls’

Host open sessions with ODN Management team and the ODN community every month — details to join these meetings will be published well in advance through Slack

30 Days

  • Launch new branding: website, messaging, video
  • Host webinar on Payments, tying Obsidian into the future of Fiat, Digital & Crypto payment

60 Days

  • Host Obsidian-sponsored FinTech & Regulation market event with all the core ODN founders.

90 Days

  • Messenger application launch event + global webinar


  • Update white paper
  • Build out the ODN network to increase the pool of Advisors
  • Further engagement with crypto-community commentators
  • Schedule interviews and speaking roles for ODN Management team