The ODN Outlook, Plus Dev Updates

Here we bring you weekly reports and notifications of our progress. They include a CEO’s update and a Market View.

CEO’s Update

I am very proud of the hard work put in by all of the new team, contractors, and partners working for Obsidian, especially in the past month. We have made some excellent progress with future planning, rebranding, partner building opportunities, and more. There is much is happening behind the scenes at Obsidian, and a lot more will be revealed over the next few weeks!

We believe in the true power of decentralization: in a time, not that long into the future. All of the people will have the power to completely control their own money and their own personal information. We will provide this power with Obsidian’s mobile apps.

This past month we streamlined some development activities with support from a range of developers who have been contracted to work with us.

Code artifacts have been reorganised into the Obsidian Platform GitHub repositories. We have also assigned more developers to test code. Our #csharp-development Slack channel helps us share progress transparently and visibly with the community. This is highlighted to help further attract additional developers to join our Open Source project.

Significant progress was made on the Obsidian Stratis Node — we synced our blockchain for the first time on the .net platform, which will underpin future products. We are an open platform and everyone is invited to build on it. We also merged the new Android frontend code with the Messenger’s existing cryptography routines. We are currently working to send the first message via Android.

Finally, we decided to offer our master node owners a special dashboard-app. The ‘ObsidianXXL’ assists in health-monitoring of nodes through an attractive web UI built by one of our top lead developers, Vaughn (Pixxl). ObsidianXXL shares a range of address search capabilities. This allows the investigation of other address balances, which is a much-requested feature.

Check out some sneak-peeks of screens, provided directly by our ODN XXL Development Team.

Market View

Probably the biggest news to hit the Messaging / Payments space this week was the announcement that Facebook. They have integrated payments into their Messenger app for users outside the US, starting with the UK. This generated a lot of discussion and debate around the area. Many are asking the natural and logical question: Facebook already has so much of my data. Do we really want to give them data on our financial activity as well?

We hope this update is useful and informative on the progress we have made and continue to make.