Obsidian Developments and Updates

We have been working hard here at Obsidian alongside our TAMICO partners, and are making great progress with the website refresh, strategic planning, and production of marketing materials to support the Obsidian vision alongside key USPs of our messaging and payments platform.

We would like to personally thank all of our community for the ongoing support. You can help even further by spreading the word in channels, such as the Obsidian page at CryptoCompare, as well as our subreddit to bring others to our project.

This last week has seen great progress made as we continue to build and improve upon the Obsidian Messenger application. To stay in touch with developments as they happen, make sure to check out our project GitHub.

  • The team successfully sent our first encrypted messages from Windows to Android, and back again from Android to Windows (screenshots below).
  • We successfully migrated the Obsidian Slack tipbot to a new server with enhanced security.
  • We developed a technical concept for an ODN private address feature, for consumer data protection in e-commerce transactions.

ODN XXL Blockexplorer Update

Additional progress has been made with our advanced blockexplorer. We will develop this further over the coming weeks and months with new features and modular capabilities.

We have put together this 2-minute overview video which demonstrates functionality now present in this Obsidian product.

Market View

This week’s Market View update is all about Obsidian’s market data channels. We are also looking into enabling our market data feeds to and from HitBTC and Cryptopia integrated into various services such as Blockfolio and DeltaApp.

We also want to increase the Forum discussion about Obsidian on CryptoCompare.com. This is a great way to raise awareness about Obsidian. Please share your thoughts and opinions on this. We hope this update has been useful and informative on the progress we’re making and will continue to make.