Welcome to the ODN Outlook – an update on our progress from the last seven days, and a peek into things to come. Thanks for reading – Team ODN

CEO’s Update

The 4th December relaunch is just around the corner! Our new website will feature updated messaging, a new video, wallet links and resources, as well as all of our historic blogs, the Blockexplorer and the FAQ for new users – so combining a refreshed look for 1st-time visitors, with all of the technical detail and data for our established ODN community.

CTO’s Perspective

The last week has been primarily focussed on the ‘Christmas release’ of Obsidian for Android v. 1.0. We are adding features, completing basic functionality, hope to begin testing and fixing around mid-December. Sending of text messages works today, other message types have yet to be added.

We have completed the ‘onboarding procedure’ for a newly installed Obsidian app. Users are guided through generating private keys and Obsidian IDs. They can also create an encrypted backup of their Obsidian ID or restore a pre-existing one – essential for switching between devices, for example.

We have switched to Base-58 characters for better readability of the 10-digit Obsidian messenger IDs, and the ID is now a truncated public key hash of the user’s public key. Thanks to this change,a certain level of message authentication is automatically available without comparing the full public key. It will also allow the implementation of anti-spam strategies.

We continue refining our Obsidian Node dashboard, ObsidianXXL. Beta release is planned for December 4th and we are excited to release this optimised and user-friendly dashboard for all Obsidian node owners. No matter the current staking size, this dashboard will be available to download and setup on your machine, and will be accessible for free. Updates will be released periodically adding new features and benefits. Explore the current ObsidianXXL dashboard today.

Market View

We continue to work on having Obsidian’s market data feeds published on Trading View. Our community’s help is critical – you can help by raising support tickets with C-CEX, HitBTC and Cryptopia, highlighting that you’d like to see our market data fed to Trading View.

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