Android Beta release v1.0 for the Obsidian Messenger on schedule!

Our Dev team have been hard at work preparing for our planned release of a public Beta for the Obsidian Messenger on Android by December 24th, 2017. Both the iOS and Windows 10 releases are currently planned for Q1 2018

We have some early screenshots to share with everyone as well as some more information about our flagship application which will set the standard for the secure and private transfer of information!

The Obsidian Messenger will offer best in class encryption and set the standard for privacy.

The Obsidian Messenger will enable the most secure digital conversations without the need for user accounts or phone numbers that could involuntarily reveal your identity. The Obsidian Messenger will utilise best-in-class and uncommon hashing algorithms such as BCrypt with 2n rounds, SHA256, and SHA512 in combination for slow and entropy-preserving key derivation to protect against the use of rainbow tables and against brute-force and dictionary attacks on pass-phrases.

The Obsidian Messenger will provide truly anonymous conversations.

The Obsidian Messenger allows you to create 10-digit one-time identities which can be restored or deleted forever. Identities cannot be reverse-searched by normal PII (Personally Identifying Information) such as phone numbers, email, or addresses. All information relevant to the Obsidian Messenger (i.e., messages, pictures, files) stored on your device will be encrypted and cannot be uncovered without entering your passphrase.


How the Obsidian Messenger will utilize the Obsidian Blockchain.

Decentralised Obsidian Messenger nodes will be run globally by operators and will be integrated with the Obsidian Blockchain. This integration will allow for features such as:

  • Sending ODN instantly as a message via the Obsidian Blockchain wallet.
  • Providing an anonymous bot API for private user-to-bot communication and query services (i.e., medical expert systems).
  • Authenticated third-party support for services to run alongside the Obsidian Blockchain.

In exchange for the transport of encrypted files and information, node operators will be rewarded transaction and/or usage fees to support the network.

Features to be supported by the Obsidian Messenger.

Since the Obsidian Messenger is designed to be an application for daily use we have focused on features that are important for communicating with others:

  • Send text, pictures, recorded video & audio, and files with delivery and read receipts.
  • Customizable names and profile pictures for yourself and others in your contact list.
  • Export and decrypt any file sent or received.
  • Undelivered messages are purged after 7 days by the network, and by default all messages over 30 days old are deleted automatically on your device.
  • A password protected start screen to ensure security.
  • A 100% encrypted app data folder to protect your data from theft or malicious backups.

In exchange for the transport of encrypted files and information, node operators will be rewarded transaction and/or usage fees to support the network.


The Obsidian Messenger availability.

Obsidian Platform is currently focusing efforts to complete the development of the Obsidian Messenger for Android, iOS, and Windows 10. The messenger will be designed for use with smartphones, tablets, and PCs.Our expected 1.0 Beta release of the Obsidian Messenger for Android will be on the 24th of December 2017. This Beta release will offer at least 75% of the above listed features, and will be more known as the Beta release gets closer.

The first versions of iOS and Windows 10 will be planned for a release in Q1 2018, and a security review by a reputable researcher will be published as soon as the apps are deemed mature enough. After the Obsidian Messenger has established a certain market position, the source code will be published under the GPL, together with the full decentralisation of the Obsidian Messenger.
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