As this weekend comes to an end, there is only one week until our Obsidian Messenger Beta releases for Android on the 24th of December! Followed by Christmas, but let’s be honest here, what are you more excited about? 🎅 🚀

Today we want to share with you some updates from our developers who are working tirelessly to provide a smooth Beta launch as well as a couple of additional announcements on the business side of Obsidian Platform!

Obsidian Messenger Updates

The continued good news here is that the Obsidian Messenger is already working and running smoothly! The team are fixing bugs they encounter and are shifting focus on debugging and logging of statistics and anonymised data on the server side to better understand any issues that may arise during the beta launch. This information will provide insight as to what is happening inside the messaging network as the traffic and usage increases tenfold.

As far as confirmed Obsidian Messenger Beta features go, you’ll have to wait until we get closer to launch as we review the list of functionality that will be available. That said, the team are happy to announce a completed ‘Add Contact’ feature! This will allow you to simply enter someone else’s Obsidian Messenger ID and write your first message. So long as it was entered correctly, you’ll get added to the recipient’s Obsidian Messenger address book so they can reply back. This is very similar to email, so if you happen to publish your Obsidian Messenger address in a public space prepare for a lot of mail.


If you haven’t already, please check out our Obsidian Messenger on-boarding teaser video recorded by one of the developers Daniil! View on YouTube.

Business Updates

While we may be focusing on the Obsidian Messenger and providing any resources we can to ensure a proper Beta launch, Obsidian Platform is still actively pursuing forward-thinking development for the platform as a whole. We have discussed looking into important payment gateway providers, such as, to allow widespread use of Obsidian ($ODN) in e-commerce.

Additionally, we plan on beginning communications with Trezor and Ledger in order to initiate integration into their hardware wallets.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! Look out for our next update about confirmed features for the Obsidian Messenger beta launch.

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