As noted in our Obsidian Platform Weekend Update, we have some news regarding our weekend beta release of the Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM) to share with you all!

Release Schedule

First let me review the release plan for this Sunday. We are currently going through the Google Play Store checklist to ensure we have everything in place for submission. While we are doing our best to ensure we are submitted in time for the holidays, we are also planning to release a beta Android Package (APK) for people to download and start using immediately. You will need to enable installation from third-party sources and we will explain how this can be done on your Android device.

The exact time of the release is still being discussed as we assess the likelihood of being listed on the Play Store by Sunday, so please follow us on Twitter and watch out for updates on our blog.

Beta Features

Now let’s talk about the features that will be ready for the beta release. Our dev team is still hard at work with feature implementation and bug fixing as we near Sunday, but I’ve confirmed the following details to share with you all:

  • Create OSM identity
  • Backup OSM identity file
  • Restore OSM identity file
  • Change localized username
  • Change localized profile image
  • Add contact via public OSM identity string
  • Change localized contact name
  • Change localized contact profile image
  • Send text message to contact

Please be aware that as this is a beta for the community and some functionality may be temporarily suspended or not functional as the team patches bugs or implements new features. We’ll keep everyone updated throughout the beta, and any issues should be brought up to us via Twitter or Discord.

We’re all very excited to roll this beta out and start testing the secure messaging system and it is the feedback from the community that will help drive progress!

Beta Campaign

Finally, starting today we will begin our #5days5ways Twitter campaign to discuss 5 ways the Obsidian Secure Messenger will disrupt the current field of P2P communications.

If you have a Twitter account make sure you look out for our tweets, as we are planning to give out 30 ODN to a randomly selected user everyday who retweets our post!

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