Happy New Year Obsidian Community!

Thanks to the ongoing and huge amount of support from OPL over the past several months.

Malicious developer activity on GitHub

The teams of developers we have been supporting will first working Android Package (APK). Our current OSM developers released an unaudited mobile APK of the OSM for community members to install and test. However, unfortunately, as of 17th December 2017, one of our developers who co-wrote the Obsidian whitepaper, and has pre-paid himself a significant amount of ODN coins for existing and future work on the ODN messenger, removed OPL from the master GitHub account following our request for a full code audit before releasing the mobile Obsidian messenger app onto Google Play.

We do have a backup of all key Obsidian technologies to this point, but we highly recommend updating your Obsidian (ODN) wallets using our new GitHub repository for Obsidian Platform.

After the malicious activity on GitHub, the same developer also made some threats in public and argued with various core team members, causing a lot of confusion in our community. We can reveal that the Obsidian messenger server from this release is being controlled by this same developer, along with in excess of 4 million ODN coins which he is holding to ransom, in addition to his self-executed pre-payment of millions of ODN coins and other funds paid to him from OPL for services including licensing of code. We have contracted him to deliver this project in conjunction with other developers we are also paying with OPL funds. He has assured us that this is only for the time being and will be opened up for others to audit and check to help assure users of their data security and safety. We will report back if there is any further progress on dealing with these current obstacles.

Until we have progressed on the above points and performed extensive security audits on all the code produced to date by the malicious developer, we are not able to say with confidence that this particular 2017 APK mobile app package is fit for public release to the Google Play Store. We will let you know as soon as we have access to this code. In the meantime, we recommend waiting until the Google Play Store release.

If you do use the downloaded APK file, please know that you do so at your own risk. In order to have it work properly, you will need to enable installation from third-party sources on your Android device. The other developers we are working with have alternative solutions if we are unable to resolve this issue.

Please follow us on Twitter for updates.

Beta Features

Now let’s talk about the features that will be ready for the beta OSM mobile app release. Our dev team is still hard at work with feature implementation and bug fixing as we near Sunday, but I’ve confirmed the following details to share with you all:

  • Create OSM identity
  • Change localized username
  • Add contact via public OSM identity string
  • Send text messages to contacts

Please be aware that as this is purely a beta for the community, and some functionality may be temporarily suspended or not functional. The team is actively patching bugs and implementing new features. We will keep everyone updated throughout the Beta. Should you have any issues during this phase, please bring them to us via Twitter or Discord.

We are all very excited to roll this beta out and carry out further testing of the Obsidian secure messaging system. We thank OPL so much for the funding and support we have received. This has helped us get this far with the working version of the OSM mobile app. Your community feedback will help drive progress even further!