All things Obsidian (and ODIN )

Put on your reading glasses, this is about to get serious.

Obsidian Platform (OPL) has been supporting many projects and developers with lots of work happening across these teams and communities. A slew of news and updates were released through Q4 2017 and Q1 2018. Here are some of the highlights and Obsidian (ODN) projects progress to date.

Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM)

With the backing of Obsidian Platform since July 2017, our OSM development team has been releasing more stable Android APKs. Their plan is to release regular new builds in future. We have been looking at how better to standardise the code and create useful documentation. This will help more developers extend and build out their own apps using resources created so far.

Obsidian Autonomous Contracts Portal (OACP)

Obsidian community developers have been working on a web-based application with backend infrastructure. The initial use-case is to act as pseudo smart contracts. We will open source this under an MIT license, as a working product for other third parties to fork. In essence, this is similar to a basic smart contract system. OAPP enables contracts to be made between two parties. OAPP accommodates those who would like to manage payments via Obsidian. Not limited to bounties, this can be used for service providers, goods, and more.

New website

We have iterated on the website through various phases of the project to date. Obsidian Platform supported the development of various websites and media content for Obsidian. This was done to help promote various OPL-sponsored projects. Third-party agencies and marketing specialists worked to develop branding and content.

Additional open source community projects

We welcome more developers to get involved in collaborative development. We are also keen to support projects that use code which OPL has helped develop to date. We have asked developers we supported to ensure that all code produced is open-sourced under an MIT licence. This helps to enable a more active, positive and collaborative community build with Obsidian resources and support from OPL.

Currently, there are also research projects being created by third parties and we will update our community when we have more information to release on the matter.

Obsidian Roadmap 2018

Claus Ehrenberg, aka Blackstone, was supported by OPL to deliver a secure, encrypted messenger application (OSM) from 2017–18. He requested OPL to contract additional developers to port the OSM Windows 10 messenger application to Android. OPL supported the development of this application until the OSM project and developers took a break in February 2018. OPL continued working on other projects and will support future development. This future roadmap for ODN has been suggested as a possible path for Obsidian development, including wallet development and SegWit implementation.

Obsidian Secure Messenger

  • Create a test plan and implement UAT testing.
  • Releases should be neat, production quality apps and available from the Google Play store when code audit and testing is complete.
  • Proposed integration of the ODN C# wallet into OSM, which would enable the possibility to send ODN in messages.
  • Work towards various methods of decentralization of messaging nodes, pending further research, development and collaboration with specialist developers.

Beyond Core Software Development

  • Work with OPL on a framework to make it easy to build and support community projects.
  • The goal is to make Obsidian a community-owned project, where anyone and everyone can contribute.
  • Feasibility study and work towards implementing atomic swaps.

Obsidian Glass Update

One of the Obsidian (ODN) core team members, Jordan and his team have been hard at work on their third-party Obsidian Glass application ready for release with the windows client app for Obsidian messenger. We currently are working on UI design and profile creation is well underway. There is more to work on, and the future of Glass is exciting as it opens the doors to mainstream acknowledgement through collaborative efforts. Here is a screenshot of the current test site.

Obsidian Glass prototype

In Summary

Well, there you have it. The team has been busy, and more projects are in the pipeline. We feel like things are back on track, and we want to deliver more technical projects and information going forward. The plan is to have more structured announcements via Medium and social channels, and we thank all the community for your continued support.