Redefine how you find

Obisidian glass is a one-way anonymous and secure communication network. Reach out to people and outlets easily, without revealing your identity.



Fully Anonymous.

Glass leverages the strength of the Obsidian Messenger to provide absolute anonymity, barring any listed professional from learning your identity without your approval.


Get Your Voice Heard.

There's many untold stories in this world. Don't let yours be one of them. Be without fear as you reach out to those who can broadcast your message far and wide.


The Right Connections.

Glass is a platform for the people. Our focus on rights groups, support lines, and other professionals, provides wide variety of assistance or guidance for any situation. Get the help you seek quickly and safely.

Find The Right

Professionals, support lines, news and media, there are plenty of reasons to use Obisidian Glass. Interested in seeing another use case added? Message us today and let us know what contact you would like to see added to the platform.