Downloads & Resources

Get started with Obsidian using our various software and applications that are available for multiple desktop and mobile platforms.

Linux (Ubuntu) ODN Wallet

Visit the official Obsidian GitHub repository for the most recent Linux ODN wallet. Instructions and resources.

Windows (10) ODN Wallet

Visit the official Obsidian GitHub repository for the Windows 10 ODN wallet. Instructions and resources.

MacOS (Sierra) ODN Wallet

Visit the official Obsidian GitHub repository for the MacOS Sierra ODN wallet. Instructions and resources.

Android ODN Wallet

(Coming soon) Visit the Google Play Store to install the Android ODN mobile and tablet wallet.

Obsidian XXL Block Explorer

The ObsidianXXL is a block explorer dashboard that is actively being developed and is currently available as a beta to download.

This dashboard can be used by anyone on the ODN network to easily view running node information remotely.

This allows users to review details about blocks, transactions, and addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have compiled some of the questions that have been commonly asked by Obsidian newcomers and veterans alike.
Is Obsidian a platform, or just a "messenger application"?
It is our vision to expand the Obsidian platform to have integrated, familiar tools that are accessible to a large number of developers. It is already possible for new applications to be built on our blockchain. Applications may ultimately require to have the ODN wallet as part of their client.

Our current focus is to complete and gain widespread adoption of the OSM messenger application. We are also in the near term looking to help provide all the necessary tools to make ODN easy to use for sending and accepting tokens, and encourage others to accept ODN for additional services.

Is there going to be an API made available that allows you to make your own front-end messaging service?
We do plan to release an API in future.
Will messages with Obsidian Messenger be free forever?
Initially they will be free. There may in future be a minuscule cost, less than 0.0001 ODN. This could be necessary to protect the network against spamming  as seen commonly with email. This would cover the costs of the decentralised infrastructure, and provide and further reward incentive for node hosters.
Why does the total network weight sometime give a number larger than the total supply or a lower number that is obviously incorrect?
Stake weight takes coin age into account. Coin age has a multiplicative effect on the value of Weight. When you see a stake weight that is greater than the total supply of coin, it means that a wallet with both a high coin count and high coin age (offline time) has just come online.

A real world example would be a analogue scale. If you step very fast with large weight on a analogue scale, it will show more than your actual weight while if you step very gently on a analogue scale it doesn’t show much more than your actual weight.

Do you have a comparison with other projects that focus on decentralised, secure messaging?
Is it possible to stake regardless of how many ODN I have?
Yes, until Masternodes are implemented.
Is ODN that was marked for Strategic Partnerships being staked?
No it is not.
Are Obsidian Messenger messages transaction-based?
No they are not transaction-based. As the network relies on the intended respondent to obtain a message, it doesn’t confirm that message is ‘delivered’ as such.

Undelivered messages are automatically removed and deleted from the network after a dynamically adjusting period of time based on a number of factors, such as network usage.

Will your developers be able to decide whether masternodes will be taken down or not?
No. This is a completely decentralised system. We do not strive to have any influence on who does or does not run a masternode.
Is Obsidian a new blockchain? How is it related to Stratis?
Obsidian is a new blockchain. The C# Stratis source code has been cloned in order to integrate with applications we are building and helping others with support and other services.

ODN is a clone of the STRAT blockchain, with some subtle yet significant differences. The first application built on the Obsidian Platform is the unique messaging application, Obsidian Messenger (OSM).

How many masternodes will the Obsidian network need in the future, and how will that affect the supply needed?
Capacity requirements will be determined by usage and performance measurements as the network evolves. We aim to create the right incentive economy so that there are no hard barriers for setting up masternodes.

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